Saturday, November 30, 2013

El Nido and my missed opportunity

Before this year end at last,  I am in the mood to tell my 2013 adventure.  It was 4th of July and most of U. S.  based in the Philippines is of so we employees took the chance to unwind.  I escaped to Palawan with friends.  I had full of wanderings in researching the place since am working on the itinerary -- my dream job.

I want to start the story from the rushing to the airport.  So we are scheduled to depart 5:15 and required to check-in 45min ahead.  I was so relax to commute from Caloocan to the plane through LRT. I was in the train past 2 and expecting to arrive in EDSA station in 30 min.  Okay, so it did not happen.  I took the cab from Taft and hoping to get to the port before the allowed check-in time ends.  I am in contact with a friend and we are not just excited fly, that moment what we care about is for me to beat the time. After all the discussions that the dispatchers made they let me in-I made it for the last minute. I run to the waiting area looking for a familiar face and finally just after the long wait we've learned that we we'll get delayed.  I haven't missed the vacay yet so scroll and read for more. :-)

We arrived in Puerto Princesa before 8pm, had dinner somewhere then a van picked us from there.  We reache our reserved cottage at 2am.. nap and up by 6am.  Had a coffee while the cottage's owner is negotiating for the tour.  We went to El Bacuit after breakfast and the dream began past 9.

The boat landed to helicopter island.  The sand is comparable to puca beach of Boracay. We snorkled around and was amazed by the corals. Then we went to hidden beach where we have to pass by a small lagoon.  Good thing the tide is low so we still can have our heads float above the salted water.  The place is really good but you will enjoy it better if you have aqua shoes or at least slippers--the corals are not friendly.  There are rock formations there and some tried to conquer (they have the guts). We were back in the water after a few moment. Some of us are injured already.  We had the lunch near the star beach. The corals there are mad and they scratches my knees probably,  that's the reason why we did not try to get to the shore-the sand is surrounded by stones. From there we went to the secret beach with a secret lagoon that you can take optionally but I highly suggest to try it. Lastly, we went to Matinloc shrine where you need to take formed ladder stones to be able to see the rock formation from a top.  It's a stiff place where death is just around if you will miss a step. The shrine is abandoned for sometime but the altars and some statues remain just like the cross at the calvary and the sacred heart inside a cave. The tour ended around 4. We went back to the cottage and took a nap as we decided to have dinner around the town propper and for the rest of the group: to get drunk.

Due to lack of sleep my energy runs fast and fatigue occuppied me for the rest of the night.  Sadly I missed the opportunity to enjoy the next tour as my body and mind are calling for a me time. I locked my place stayed all day in the cottage then back with friends for dinner and waited for 12 midnight to greet my friend who's celebrating her nacimiento.

The next day I packed up and went out ahead of my friends as my flight was scheduled day ahead of the group. What more did I miss?  Pictures!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Walking on the Water

Philippines has been a good place for Typhoons and calamity this fast few years. We've experienced landslide, earthquake and flooded most of the time. We had Ondoy that open the eyes of the world and made Filipinos be alert at all times.

Habagat last year as PAGASA mentioned was not a Typhoon neither a tropical storm but it hit the Metro with a high tide of flood. From then I experience crossing the rapid of drainage water, walk together with plastic of garbage around every corner of the streets. I've learned how to jump on the highway islands whenever there are buses or trucks coming over that brings wave. The flood damage is really common to every home.

This 2013 we experienced a change of season differently. The cold wind of December falls on January and now having rainfalls when all are expecting for summer. Climate Change has made a big marks and yet most of us are not learning from it. We still throw trashes anywhere, digging wholes on the mountains, cutting trees and producing gadgets/cars and other stuff that adds more pollution and/or damages our Ozone Layer. I understand that we cannot restore the things and all that we lost but, until when will we be able to understand how we should act and help improve our nature?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

MMDA: Bus Stop Scheme

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) implemented  a new Bus Stop Scheme last December 18 2012. Limited bus stops at their post to pick and drop passengers that leaves people stranded. Other than confusion which stops at their destination, buses that comes to pick-up are mostly full.

It is expected that this bus stop scheme will help to lessen the traffic in Metro Manila bu in its first week of implementation it has been observed that this causes more traffic. It was explained that the people might not be familiar of it. Being one of the commuter since there are only some point in EDSA which has Bus Stop Scheme this creates traffic to those that are not affected.

I have been commuting from UE Letre to Mandaluyong. My route list is as follows: 
  • Letre
  • Dagat-Dagatan
  • 5th Avenue
  • Boni Serrano
  • Biglang Awa
  • Bagong Barrio
  • Balintawak
  • Munoz
  • MRT North EDSA
This route usually takes 30 to 45 minutes of transportation but the scheme makes it an hour since buses need to pick all passengers as possible before reaching the Bus Stop.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Game Trip

If you are hard working you must be wishing for the most memorable vacation. A road trip maybe that will make you comfortable on your journey to the Inn of the Mountain Gods. An endless time of relaxation and stressing yourself out by playing games. That would be one of the most desirable adventure.

But in every road we take there are rocks around and we don't know when will we be bumping one. If not the slippery highway will move us out of seat. Worst is not just bumping or getting dizzy over slippery road but an accident that of course we always pray not to happen. But other than praying we should also be cautios especially when traveling alone.

What do we need to know or do before traveling? Fist search the place, the net will surely be a big help with what to buy, where to stay, emergency number to call and some feedback for you to be aware and prepared. If you are not that patient to browse then book with the best charter or travel agency that offers the most safe, comfortable and enjoyable trip. Don't forget to see some reviews from previous travelers just to set your mood and expectations.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Harbour Square Manila

It was U.S. Labor holiday when the thought of my friends on vacation made me envious, while I am wide awake for the whole night, alone on my bed. I searched the nearest place and that will cost me thousands to hotels so checked for nearest bay. I realized that the sunday feast I usually attend to is just a step away from Manila bay. So Monday morning I went back there. I walked along the bay and had a chance to watch the gents fishing and the group paddling dragon boat for their practice routine. The place is not too long to be tired but it takes me half of the day enjoying the scenery and faces of people walking from all side of street.

Lunch time and found a lot of place to go to. Some offers seafood as it is by the bay, local restos and bars but I'm craving for pancake so there I go. Before heading to the place I bought big guava and mangos with energy drink to keep me awake but it didn't help me stop my craving. I had a tower of pancake ordered with a lot of excitement and a colleague wants rice so chose a full meal. It was really a great day for me so sharing it for you to see if one day you feel like going somewhere.

How to go there? The place is accessible through LRT Vito Cruz station. From there you have to walk up to Rizal Memorial Sports Complex where the orange jeep line is, which will bring you there. Other places nearby? Harrison Plaza, Bangko Sentral, CCP, PICC, Star City, Folk Arts and Break Water - where there are cruise that sails on the bay even un to Corregidor Bataan on a daily basis.

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